Most common overuse injuries from bad bike set-up

What to expect AFTER the Fit Adjustments from your bicycle fitting.

New muscular recruitment patterns take time to settle in and feel solid. You are highly encouraged to come in with a 2-3 week window of easy riding your new bike setup, to give your muscles and nervous system time to adapt to the changes.

Most Common Overuse Injuries

Testimonials: road bike fit

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! After a weekend of hard riding, I feel rather tired, but with much less pain than usual. I feel very tired after the 113.5 mile weekend and 5,000+ ft. of climb, but virtually no pain. I feel confident that I can now do a full century or double-metric. This was the goal, and the fit greatly surpassed it!" Ed - enthusiast

Testimonials: road bike fit

"Amazing, the fitter really knew his stuff. I have tried everything to adjust my position but still had posterior knee pain. After the physical assessment and seeing me pedal in my road bicycle Shep seemed to know what to do. On the GURU unit he did a series of setups and when he was done my new position was amazing!!! Ross got my bike setup perfectly. No pain, recruiting slightly different muscles but testing the position on a simulation and the road confirmed it was spot on." CAT 2 racer

Testimonials: tri bike fit

"After a recent fit at another local cycling  shop my left hip and lower back started bothering me. A friend recommended Hart's Cyclery so I came in for an assessment, not sure if I was going to do the fit. Long story short Shep and Ross make a great team. Shep did a physical assessment and observed me on my Tri bike. He assured me he could correct my position and after an hour on the GURU unit we were able to compare his fit with my existing set up. Ross made the changes to my set-up and the only way to describe my last race is GREAT, no pain and more power." Ms F - Triathlete

GURU Dynamic  Fit
Our bike fitters are FIST Certified

Bicycle Sizing
Price: $75 or free with the purchase of a bicycle.

Recommendations of bikes to your fit coordinates.

Performance Fit
Road Bike Used as Tri bike: Price $300
Tri bike: Price $350.

Comfort and performance can go together but often require an adaptation phase. 

What to expect during the Performance Fit. A performance Fit takes between 2 and 3 hours

Pre-fit interview

  • Flexibility assessment - evaluation of your stability, and limitation both on and off the bike(s).
  • Assessment of cleat/seat/bar adjustment - with an
  • emphasis on cleat/shoe and saddle/bar optimization.
  • Saddle position and selection
  • Refinement of Cleat placement
  • Adjustments to optimize pedaling biomechanics
  • Transfer the new position on to customers bike

Comfort Road Bike Fit
Price: Comfort fit $250 on existing bike.

This 60-90 minute session is for riders looking for a position modifications, and suggestions regarding saddles, bars, and pedals related to rider comfort.

We recommend this road cycling fit service for anyone who suffers from any of the following symptoms:

  • Numb, tingling or sore hands
  • Aching lower back
  • Stiff neck
  • Burning shoulders
  • Sore knees
  • Hot spots on your feet

Positional Set-Up

Price: $150 on existing bikes.
After riding a new bike for a few weeks this fit can help improve your set up. A Basic set up session will include:

  • Correct saddle height, fore/aft and angle adjustments Stem length/angle to improve weight distribution.
  • Saddle to handle bar drop.
  • Discussion of properly fitting clothing.
  • Suggest solutions to improve your fit.


GURU rider scan technology


GURU's revolutionary Rider Scan™ technology is powered by our innovative 3D camera system - delivering precise anatomic analysis to create the perfect fit experience.

Your primary Rider Scan™ captures all essential contact points to drive your GURU fit - including height, inseam, shoulder width, arm length and more. This innovative process eliminates the need for manual measurements - ensuring superior data accuracy.

GURU's 3D camera system identifies all major contact points during your fit session without the use of adhesive tracking dots or bulky equipment - allowing you to ride in superior comfort. In addition, our camera system features real-time body angle tracking - delivering instant anatomic analysis of your riding position.

How does the GURU Fit System differentiate itself from other fit tools/methods?

Unlike other fit tools, the GURU Fit System™ is the only true fit system available today - creating a precision-based approach to cyling comfort and performance that features one consistent fit methodology (F.I.S.T. fit protocol) paired to the ultimate fit tool (DFU™) that is outfitted with revolutionary software to deliver tailored results for all cyclists (road, mountain, cyclocross, triathlon and recreation). 

How does dynamic bike fitting differ from other fit methods?

The dynamic fit process is a detail-driven approach - one that involves making individual adjustments to your riding position while you pedal on the fit unit. This process ensures that each nuanced change that is made to your riding position is able to be accurately analyzed by the fitter and confirmed by the rider being fit. In addition, dynamic fit allows you to create the optimal riding position for your needs as opposed to manipulating your fit in order to meet the parameters of a particular bike. Conventional static fits involve positioning a given bike on a stationary trainer. This eliminates the ability to experience individual changes to your riding position while pedaling - and also forces the rider to conform to the parameters of that given set-up, as opposed to creating the rider's optimal riding position and selecting a bike that will actually fit.

What does "fit-first" mean?

The fit-first bicycle selection process is the most personalized and accurate method to identify the best bike to match your riding preferences. Instead of attempting to "make a bike fit" via conventional static fit methods, the fit-first process begins by creating your optimal riding position and then pairing your riding position to a bicycle that will meet your requirements. Instead of guessing on the best size or platform that may or may not match your riding goals, the fit-first process uses your personal fit to drive your final product selection - delivering the best possible cycling experience. Learn more about the fit-first bike selection process here.

Questions & Answers:

The main reason for getting a professional bike fit is to get you sitting more comfortably (which will let you ride for longer) and to help you ride more efficiently. Your personal optimized position on a bike will maximize your power and pedaling efficiency and enable you to exert maximum effort for longer, with fewer strains on your body, and less chance for injury.

The fit process begins with proprietary scanning software performing a scan of the rider, and based on the client's body morphology, suggests a starting position for the fitter in using XY coordinates. The Guru trained bike fitter then adjusts the motorized GURU Fit unit down to the millimeter in order to achieve an optimized riding position for power, cadence and comfort, all while the rider continues pedaling. At no point does the fitter ever have to ask the rider to disembark from the unit to change positions of handlebars or seat position.

Cycling Fit Services:

  • Bicycle Sizing
  • Positional Set-Up
  • Comfort Fit
  • Performance Fit - Road or Tri Bike

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Video: Position & set-up optimized with GURU unit

Bike Fitting Services: A professional fit will improve cycling performance and comfort.

Bike Fitting Unit at Hart's Cyclery