Any remaining service costs are determined on a case-by-case basis. At Harts Cyclery we provide bicycle repair service and provide bicycle parts whether it be only a bicycle inner tube, or a full tune-up.

Pick-up and delivery: Hart's Cyclery will pick up and deliver your bike for repair for FREE if within 5 miles of our shop.

We provide do bike repair for ALL makes and Models.


Whether you need to improve your riding comfort by replacing bicycle parts during a pre-season bicycle service or a simple bike repair that gets your bike to run and look better than new, we've got the experience and training to do the job right.

Our bicycle repair service is what really separates us from other shops. We are constantly striving to provide the best possible service. We provide every type of repair for bicycles from basic tune-ups to complete overhauls.

Below is a list of common bicycle repair services. Please contact us any time. Or, even better, bring your bike in to our bike repair shop to discuss your bicycle issues and find out which service is appropriate. We will never do more than is needed to satisfy your riding requirements and still provide you with a safe bike. You can rely on us to give you an honest opinion on bicycle repair requirements and bicycle parts needed. Also, if you need immediate or rushed service, please ask, and we'll do our best to meet your time frame. Flat tires, if only a bicycle inner tube is required are usually fixed on the spot.

Repair shop
*Brake Adjustment
*Gear Adjustment
*Visually inspect bike
*Lube all parts
*Check tire pressure


*Flat tire repair $10 per
*Wheel True $20 per
*Brake adjustment $15 per
*Gear Adjustment $15 per
(does not include parts)

*Clean and wax bike frame
*True and clean both wheels
*Inspect brake pads, BB,
  Headset, and hubs
*Gear Adjustment (removal 
  and Cleaning): Cranks,
  Chain, Cassette, Deraileurs
(does not include parts)

*Drive Train Cleaning
(does not include parts)

*All new Teflon coated cables
*Disassemble - Regrease: 
  Headset, Bottom Bracket +  
*Check Torque Specs on  
  whole bike
(does not include parts)


Do you do maintenance and repair all kinds of bikes?
Yes! Our service department works on bikes of all kinds, including road bikes, tri bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, kids' bikes, and more.

Do you work on bikes that are from brands you don't carry?
Absolutely. We work on all sorts of bikes no matter where you bought it from.

Do you warranty your service work?
Yes. We warranty bicycle repairs for 30 days. Labor fees are non-refundable.

Do you pack and ship bikes?
Yes. We professionally disassemble and package your bike for shipping. We use specific boxes and packaging. We also rent hard bike cases for travel. Take your bike with you on your trip, while having peace of mind knowing your bike is safe and protected.

I'd like to ship a bike to you and have you build it for me. Is this something you do?
Yes. If you arrange to have your bike shipped to Us at our Pennington Shop, we can build and tune it for you. We'll call you when complete and you can pick it up.

I have a really expensive bike. Why should I trust you to fix it?
As a high-performance road and tri shop, our technicians see more carbon, more electronic shifting, more integrated brakes, and more custom bike builds than anyone, per technician. We have the knowledge, expertise, and service you're looking for. The expertise, knowledge, and care we exercise when working on high-performance bikes carries over to every bike we service, whether it's a commuter, hybrid, or kid's bike.


DIY types can inquire about our Classes for Bike Maintenance.