Buying a great bicycle is a decision that takes some thought and expertise. You'll soon see that the options for frames, accessories, clothing and fitness programs seem endless and can be confusing for the new cycling enthusiast. That's where Hart's Cyclery comes in. For more than 20 years, we have carried great bikes and accessories from the leading bicycle manufacturers. From guiding you to the right style and custom fit to selecting the best accessories and the latest in technology and conditioning tips, Hart's can help you select the perfect bike from a leading brand or work with you to custom fit and build a bike that is just right for you.

At Hart's Cyclery, we carry three major brands of bicycles:

We also carry a number of choices of frames and forks from these and other manufacturers and suppliers.

The first thing to consider is the type of bike you are looking for. If you have an idea of what your main style of riding will be then we steer you in the right direction for a great road bike or mountain bike.

Road bikes are designed for fast riding on pavement or other relative smooth surfaces. They are sleek and lightweight. For example, Cannondale road bikes have skinny tires, super light frame and put you in a riding position over the handlebars so that you can ride fast and far. Road bikes have frames that won't really hold up on rough surfaces or off road. If you are into long distance street riding, then we can help you find or fit you to a custom road bike.

Mountain bikes are becoming more and more popular and are the direct opposite of the road bike. Mountain bikes are built for durability and have wide, knobby tires that have good traction and heavier frames. Your position on a mountain bike is also higher and more upright, as you'll be working the terrain with your bicycle and your body. Hart's carries Cannondale mountain bikes for enthusiasts who like rugged trails and off road adventure.

Once we walk though the style and type of bikes that matches your cycling plans and fitness goals, our team of experts can help you evaluate the technical features and size of bikes you'll need. Each brand has their specific bike frame size chart for the types of bicycles they manufacture. Starting with your individual physique, the bike frame size chart from each company, and your ride requirements we select a brand, and frame to work with and go from there. You'll come to realize that getting the right bike fit is a real science, and we are here to step your through the process.

We want your entire cycling experience to be smooth and enjoyable from the moment you walk into Hart's to look around, through the selection and fitting process and your first ride on your new bike. Let us do the analysis and work for you so that your bike truly is a perfect fit!

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