Here are some of the best ways to upgrade a road bike for comfort.

  • Improved Contact points - Hands, Feet, Seat
  • Improve Power Output or Fitness
  • Decrease Rolling resistance
  • Reduce Weight
  • Bike Fit

Helping you get comfortable on your bike is our number one goal.

Accessories, fit adjustments, riding skills, fitness all need to be dialed in to reach your potential.

Road Bike Upgrades for Comfort

The single biggest upgrade you can make in your comfort, and even performance, is to get a professional bicycle fit. Get your seat height placed properly, your reach set up, and your bars at the right width, and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it’ll make. You’d also be surprised how much energy your body wastes just fighting against a bad fit. Nowhere else in the bike world will you gain so much in increased comfort or performance.

So you’ve had your bike fit, but you’re still a bit uncomfortable? Getting the right saddle for both your body type and riding style makes a big difference, too. Things to consider when buying a saddle include how wide your sit bones are, how upright you sit, and how much you like to move around while you ride. If you’re having issues with your hands and arms getting sore, maybe look into a new set of handlebars. The newer wing-style handlebars, compact drops, and bends designed to accommodate the shapes of new brake and shift levers can do wonders for comfort. As can bar gel pads underneath Lizard bar tape.

One thing you may overlook to improve comfort is your tires. If you’re riding something with a really low thread count, or something that has an overabundance of flat protection, you might be missing out. As you get into a tire with a higher thread count, it’ll conform better to the things you ride over, allowing you to roll not only smoother, but faster as well. Because they won’t flex, really flat resistant tires and low thread count tires kind of “run into” things as opposed to rolling over them, giving you a harsher, slower ride. Check out the Schwalbe Ultremo tires if you want to know what a real plush ride feels like.


For the best road bike upgrades consider the following categories:

  • Improve Aerodynamics
  • Improve Power Output or Fitness
  • Decrease Rolling resistance
  • Reduce Weight
  • Reduce Bearing Drag

To get the most out of your road bike you need aerodynamic, lightweight, good stiffness and a comfortable ride. These are issues addreseed with performance upgrades. It's in you to become a better cyclist. Helping you get there is our number one goal. Equipment, riding skills, fitness and nutrition all need to be dialed in to reach your potential.

Upgrading for Performance
A proper fit is critical for performance and comfort. You make more power and waste less energy when you’re comfortable. Beyond fit, there are many other things you can do to increase performance.

Not only can you upgrade your bike, but you can upgrade your training program. Make sure to stay hydrated both on and off the bike. Have hard days and easy days. Make your hard days hard, no dogging it. Make your easy days easy, no racing around trying to beat your fastest time on a given route. Stay hydrated with an electrolyte drink (GU Brew). Get the most out of your riding time by riding smart, not just beating yourself into oblivion as often as possible.

If you’re looking to start from scratch with a new bike, consider something that’ll give you an aerodynamic advantage like a Cannondale SuperSix, or the top of the line EVO. Cheating the wind makes a big difference, more so than weight in this part of the country where we don’t have much for climbing.

If you are riding a Synapse and want to performance upgrades to your existing bike to get an aerodynamic advantage, check out new wheels like the HED Ardennes SL ($1,100), or Easton EA90 Aero Clincher Wheelset ($800).

Want to go lighter? Sounds good, but remember to go after rotating weight first. Cut the grams from your wheels, pedals, and cranks first for the most dramatic effect, and then go hunting for the 20 grams from your stem, 100 grams from your brakes, etc. Many of the aerodynamic wheels listed are probably lighter than what you’re currently riding, so if you get those you may upgrade in terms of weight, bearing friction, and aerodynamic drag all in one shot. That’d be one heck of an upgrade!


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