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Biking On A Budget

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Biking for fitness, fun, or just to see the sights is a great way to get started in the cycling world. While there are plenty of amazing high-end bikes available to cyclists, less expensive options can open up new opportunities for those who want to start with the basics. All you need to get going are three basic items: a bike, a helmet, and a floor pump. Really, that’s it! As your cycling journey progresses, adding in quality riding gear like clothing, components, and bike accessories will add to your riding experience. If you’re ready to start biking, call or visit our shop for expert advice from our team of professionals. 

Please call (609) 737-3008 to check on availability or visit us in-store to see our full selection.

Budget-Friendly Bikes

Cannondale Quick 6
$650.00 - $660.00
Quick As You Like A swift, sporty bike that’s perfect for getting a work...
Cannondale Trail Women's 8
$600.00 - $645.00
Level Up A mountain bike built to raise your game and ignite a passion f...
Cannondale Kids Trail Single-Speed 20-inch
Get your little riders rolling free and loving life on these high-performan...
Cannondale Kids Trail 20 Single-Speed
Roll On! With 20" wheels and easy-pedaling gearing, this bike is made to...
Cannondale Treadwell 3
Day in, Day out. A bike for any day and anywhere. Fun and light to rip arou...
GT Aggressor Sport
The Aggressor Sport is simultaneously off-road friendly and lightweight, ma...
Strider Sports Sport 14x Balance Bike
Training wheels or a balance bike It's a dilemma many parents face today. M...
Cannondale Quick CX 3
$900.00 - $910.00
All Ways, All Days. An urban-adventure bike for cities and town pathways, ...
Cannondale Treadwell 3 Remixte
Day in, Day out. A bike for any day and anywhere. Fun and light to rip ...
Cannondale Trail 6
Level Up A mountain bike built to raise your game and ignite a passion f...
GT Performer 29
Travel back in time and enjoy the early days of freestyle aboard this machi...
Cannondale Adventure 2
$725.00 - $750.00
Ride Content Cruise effortlessly down the lane, enjoy the boardwalk bike p...

Parts & Accesories

Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP Smart Trainer
The Wahoo KICKR SNAP makes indoor training a "snap!" It's a convenient, eas...
Finish Line Ceramic Wax Lube
$6.99 - $55.99
For a clean, smooth-pedaling drivetrain, look no further than Finish Line's...
Finish Line Dry Lubricant w/Teflon
$8.99 - $32.99
Finish Line's Dry Lubricant with Teflon keeps your bike running silky-smoot...
Finish Line Wet Lubricant
$8.99 - $32.99
For extreme conditions, you need an extreme lube. That's when you grab Fini...
Wahoo Fitness KICKR Trainer Floormat
The Wahoo KICKR Floormat is the perfect partner for your KICKR. It's water ...
Planet Bike Grateful Red
-PB power array and reflector provide visibility for up to 1 mile -Steady,...
ProGold Helmet Cleaner
ProGold Helmet Cleaner and Deodorizer Aerosol: 8oz - Foaming action safe...
No Image
Lookin Basic Athletic, Unisex, Black...