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Hart's Cyclery & Fitness is a full-service store for triathletes, runners, cyclists, and swimmers and one of the premier triathlon Bike Fitters in NJ. Located in Pennington, we serve athletes from the Jersey shore to Philadelphia.

We offer a full lineup of road and triathlon bikes, bicycle parts and accessories, wetsuits, and more. From tri bikes and tri shoes, to heart rate monitors from Garmin, to hydration systems, aero bars and wheels, Hart's has everything to maximize your triathlon performance. Tri bicycles from Cervelo and Cannondale.

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If you're just getting into triathlons, or you're a seasoned veteran, we can help you get the gear you need to make the transitions quick and easy. 

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Training for Triathlons:

A Triathlon is a unique sport that combines three very different sports, and it can be hard to balance all three disciplines, especially if one of them is a sport you have little experience doing. 

Here are six mistakes that triathletes – both new and experienced – should try hard NOT to make.

Work too Hard on the Bike

It is great to be a fast biker. However, if that bike time costs you on your run (you cramp and slow to a walk instead of running), then it becomes a bad bike split because you overextended. Stay within your means on the bike to give you an overall better time. Triathlon bikes must be optimized for you, it helps so you don't fatigue muscles needed for the run.

Go too Hard on Easy Days and too Easy on Hard Days

In order to achieve peak performance, there are certain zones to stick within during each workout. Racing your long runs is actually more detrimental than beneficial to your training. Same goes for your speed work – on those days, you should be pushing yourself to the limit.

Focus on the Wrong Numbers

More does not always equal better. It’s really not about quantity; it’s about the quality.

Too Much too Soon

This is a glaring mistake that many long course triathletes make. Once the weather turns, athletes start putting in more miles regardless of when their “A” race is. The simple truth is that if your Ironman event is in September, you really needn’t be doing 100-mile bike rides in May and June. Taking more time and building a stronger base is more beneficial than hammering out longer or more intense workouts too early in the season. Periodization works....

Improper Planning

Sure, most triathletes follow some sort of plan. The problem is either lack of big picture goals or the lack of focus on each particular workout. If the goal of your swimming workout is to improve technique by eliminating your arm crossover, why are you trying to get your fastest 50-yard freestyle time? Every workout should serve a purpose. It might be power, it might be speed or it might be technique; the goal is to focus on the purpose of every given workout and not turn it into a “how fast can I do this” workout.

Improper Goal Setting

When setting goals, they should be realistic, obtainable, but also make you work and reach for them. Goals should be “SMART” – S-specific, M-measurable, A-achievable, R-realistic, T-time-bound.

With proper training, the right triathlon gear, nutrition, and planning, you can achieve success. Focus on you without worrying what everyone else is doing and execute your plan. This will set you up for a great season. Within our Bike Shop we have a tri shop offering many tri specific products. In addition we can custom order tri gear for you on request.