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Local Trail Rides for the Family

The best part of these easy rides is they are off-road... no cars, and easy access from parking. Safe for great family adventures, with many nature spots, picnic tables, and the LHT even has bathrooms.

Lawrence Hopewell Trail

The Rosedale Park Trail entrance is a convenient 2.3 mile from Hart's bike Shop. Parking is available at the Park entrance, as are picnic tables and Bathroom facilities. The bike trails are relatively flat, with a surface of paved road, packed dirt, and some gravel. The Lawrence Hopewell Trail (LHT) is a multipurpose trail, which means bicyclists, walkers, joggers, hikers and skaters can use it. Please be courteous to others. 

Delaware Canal Path

The Washington Crossing Park parking are is a convenient 4.6 mile from Hart's bike Shop. Parking is available here, as are picnic tables. The main canal towpath bike trails are 29 miles (47 km) long and constructed on the earthen towpath used by mules to pull barges along the canal, the surface is packed dirt, gravel and crushed stone. Parts become muddy in wet weather; parts are covered with coarse sharp stones similar to track ballast and dangerous to road bike tires.

No headphones or earphones are permitted while cycling on bike trails. Protective gear, including helmets, is encouraged for all users. In New Jersey, any person under 17 years of age that rides a bicycle or is a passenger on a bicycle, or is towed as a passenger by a bicycle must wear a safety helmet. This helmet law also includes roller and inline skaters and skateboard users.

Must Haves

Glasses (eye protection)
Water in Bottles
Cell Phone

Should Haves

Riding Gloves
Spare tube
Wallet - ID

Good Ideas

  • Small, basic first aid kit

Snack Ideas

 P B & J on a tortilla
Trail Mix: Dried fruits & nuts.
Sports drink
Energy Bars: whole grains, fruits & nuts.
After ride: plain low-fat yogurt with nuts.